Benefits to you…

Benefits of Presentationeze
Information, Knowledge, Understanding

Step through the information detailed in the presentation to enhance your personal understanding and knowledge. Each presentation optimizes the use of text and graphics to provide an easy to understand, enjoyable learning experience, even for the most complex topics. You will progress through the presentation in a logical format, to ensure you obtain a comprehensive detailed understanding on your area of interest.


The presentations offer a convenient approach to developing your understanding on a topic,

… versus training courses:
Enhance your understanding without the need to attend a formal training course. For example: You want to gain a greater understanding about process validation? One option is to source, book, plan your personal schedule and attend a training course on process validation. The date and location of the course will be pre-determined by the course provider. Alternatively, you can step through the presentation on “product and process validation” at dates, times and locations which suit you.  You may decide to review the presentation over a period of weeks. You decide which best suits you  .

… versus books & business publications:
You have time available during lunch break? sitting on the train? waiting for clients? At home in front of the TV?  You don’t need to carry around a book or magazine just in case you have some free time. Once you have your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile with you, the presentation will always be there and can be viewed when you want, where you want.

… access immediately.
All you need to do is order via this web site and within a matter of minutes you will receive a security code (PIN number) to allow you to access the presentation. You can then start to access the information immediately.

Use for peer understanding

Use the presentations to inform your peers. Use in a class-room setting. The information provided in the presentations is divided into module format, you can ask your work peers to review particular modules, then discuss and challenge the information provided within the modules with your peers in order to build team understanding. Extend such module reviews over a period of weeks/months to develop a broad understanding within your team on the topics of interest to your organization.

Simplicity, ease of use

You obtain knowledge in a manner and at a time that suits you, just view and review as often as you wish, whenever you wish, from the convenience of your desktop, laptop or tablet. You can review all of a presentation at once, or just review specific modules. Return to the presentation at a later date, etc. You decide when best suits you.

Option for re-learning

Retain the presentation and use at a later time. Use to refresh your personal knowledge, or to retrain work peers, etc.


You pay a low once off cost. The price is detailed up front in advance of purchase.
There are no hidden or extra costs.

Remain up to date

Maintain your knowledge of best practice and current regulation. As business improvement methods and concepts evolve, and as new regulations are published, we continually update our presentations.

Information and training presentations designed to your unique requirements

At PresentationEze © we also design informational presentations to suit your particular requirements. Once you know our product you may decide to progress to the next step and let us design training and informative presentations to specific learning demands within your organization. Just contact us with any specific requests you may have.
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