Lean & Just In Time Processing

Identify and Increase Added Value – Principles, Practices and Methods.

Lean Manufacturing, Just In Time Full Details

Lean and Just-In-Time …
  • The principles, practices and methods of “Lean” and “Just In Time”.
  • If there are improvement methods which you can implement to deliver value to your organization..
  • How to select and drive improvement based on “Lean” and “JIT” principles.
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  • A visual, easy to understand explanation of “Lean” and “Just In Time”.
  • Improvement methods detailed which may be appropriate for introduction into your areas of activity.
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The concepts of “Lean” and “Just-In-Time”.


Methods applied to deliver Lean Processes.

– Basic working practices
– Total Productive Maintenance
– Design for manufacture
– Set-up reduction
– Operations focus
– Total staff involvement
– Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
– Visual management
– Flow layout
– Just-In-Time Supply


Planning & Controlling.

– Pull scheduling & Push systems of control
– Kanban control
– 5S method of control
– Levelled scheduling
– Campaign management
– Mixed modelling
– Synchronisation
– Drumbeat Control


Capacity Utilization & Efficiency.

– Optimization via Capacity Analysis
– Cycle Time Analysis and Reduction
– Capacity Utilization


Implementing Lean.




Sample views:


Cycle Time Analysis.

Drumbeat Control.

Pull systems of control.

Process Improvement.

Lean Manufacturing, Just In Time Full Details
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