Quality Assurance / Quality Management

Quality Assurance / Quality Management
The implementation of an effective Quality Management System is critical to the success of every organization. Quality improvement is a continuous process, driven by ongoing change in customer demands. In order to drive improvement in your quality assurance process you need to ensure you have a full understanding of the various requirements associated with implementing a quality system. Quality Management is about driving product and process improvement, designing to achieve quality expectations, ensuring a comprehensive documentation system is in place, ensuring all change is effected via a comprehensive change management process, capturing and acting upon customer complaints, implementing an effective quality audit process, …… etc.

A Quality Management System will focus on areas such as:

♦ Quality in product and process design
♦ Implementing an effective quality documentation processes
♦ Ensuring an effective change control process
♦ Training for quality management system effectiveness
♦ Product and process validation
♦ Supplier quality assurance processes
♦ Determination and analysis of quality costs
♦ Managing and reporting deviations to controlled processes
♦ Ensuring quality in projects
♦ Handling complaints and product recalls
♦ The impact of quality on competitiveness
♦ Implementing an effective audit process to drive quality performance improvement

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