Risk Management.

Information & training presentation, detailing how to assess risk, how to control risk, how to evaluate risk, how to determine risk levels, how to mitigate risk, developing a risk plan, product risk determination, process risk review, the various risk models…etc…etc…
  • Risk management explained in an easy to understand, logical, format.
  • Develop you understanding of the requirements for an effective risk management process.
  • Step through at your own pace from the convenience of your desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile.
  • Use to enhance your personal understanding or in the training of your work peers.
  • View and review as frequently as you wish.
  • 490 pages of information.
  • Price $75.

Summary of topics detailed in the Risk Management presentation:


Approaches to Risk Management

Risk Assessment Tools

Determination of hazard, cause & harm

Assessing Risk

The Risk Process

Project Risk Management

The Risk Management Plan

Risk in product and process Design

Integrating risk into the Validation process

Risk Strategies

Risk Management Summary


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