SPC…Statistical Process Control. Statistical Techniques.

…attribute charts, variable charts, process capability, pareto charts, pre-control, spc analysis, process control, variability reduction… etc…


Statistical Process Control. SPC.
500 page information & training presentation …
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Statistical Process Control

• The objectives and benefits of SPC
• Introduction to statistics underlying SPC
• Special and common cause variation
• Variation in processes and causes
• Calculation of basic statistics including standard deviation
• The normal distribution
• Sampling distribution of the mean
• Process capability analysis
• Process capability studies – characteristics, specifications, tolerances, sampling plans
• Process performance metrics
• Process capability indices Cp, Cpk, Cpm, capability ratio
• Performance indices Pp and Ppk


Control charts

• Variable control charts
• Attribute charts
• Pareto Charts
• X-Bar / Range Charts / Sigma Charts
• Statistical Process Control for low volume / frequent process changes. The Z-MR Chart
• Individual-X Charts (X-Charts)
• Histograms / Process Capability Analysis
• Scatter Diagrams
• Exponentially Weighted Moving Average (EWMA) Chart
• Moving Average / Range Chart
• Moving Average / Sigma Chart
• Multivariate Chart
• p, np, c, and u charts


SPC Analysis

The advantages/disadvantages of attribute control charts versus variable control charts
Interpreting charts using the rules for determining statistical control
Performing PRE-control calculations and analysis
Applying short-run SPC methods and techniques
Measurement systems analysis – gauge R&R
Conducting, analysing and interpreting a gauge R&R study
Applying statistical techniques to product and process improvement
On-going monitoring and continuous improvement