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Introduction to Total Quality Management
Principles of TQM
Methods of achieving TQM

Ensuring improvement is based on Risk / Opportunity
Quality Management Principles
Quality Planning
Measuring quality performance using World Class Manufacturing (WCM) techniques.

Fact based Analysis – Analytical Tools and Techniques
5 why’s analysis
Process Flow Diagrams/Flowcharts/Process Mapping
Checksheets /Check Lists
Scatter Diagrams/Scatter Plot
Cause and Effect/Fishbone/Ishikawa Diagrams
Identifying sources & causes of variation
Control/Shewart Charts/DPU Charts
Cpk and Ppk Analysis
Pareto Analysis
Bottleneck Analysis

Mapping Processes as a basis for Improvement Activity
The use of Flow Charts to Map Processes
Identification of Process Bottlenecks
Cycle Time Analysis

Focussing on the Customer
Identifying & Categorizing Customers
Gathering Customer Data
Prioritizing the data and setting specifications
Listening for customer value

Team based Improvement
Team dynamics
Characteristics of a team
Team development
Building effective teams
Motivation within a work environment
Communication flows
The team environment and communication


Sample Pages:

Team based Improvement


Understanding the Customer

Mind Mapping

Process Improvement


Process Improvement Tools


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