TQM Tools and Techniques.

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Sample TQM Tools and Techniques Views

Introduction to TQM
Total Quality Management
Concepts of TQM
Principles of TQM
History and Evolution of TQM
Methods of achieving TQM

Approaches to Risk Management
Quality Management Principles
Quality Planning
Measuring quality performance using World Class Manufacturing (WCM) techniques.

Analytical Tools and Techniques
5 why’s analysis
Process Flow Diagrams/Flowcharts/Process Mapping
Checksheets /Check Lists
Scatter Diagrams/Scatter Plot
Cause and Effect/Fishbone/Ishikawa Diagrams
Identifying sources & causes of variation
Control/Shewart Charts/DPU Charts
Cpk and Ppk Analysis
Pareto Analysis
Bottleneck Analysis

Mapping Manufacturing Processes
The use of Flow Charts to Map Processes
Identification of Process Bottlenecks
Cycle Time Analysis

Customer Focus
Identifying & Categorizing Customers
Gathering Customer Data
Prioritizing the data and setting specifications
Listening for customer value

Communication, motivation & teams
Team dynamics
Characteristics of a team
Team development
Building effective teams
Motivation within a work environment
Communication flows
The environment and communication

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