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Inform yourself, via access to a digital compliance presentation, which can range from 400 to 900 pages, depending on the product. When you purchase, you receive access for a 12 month period. During this time, new updates as published are automatically included into the presentations, so you always have the latest revision.


Access when and where suits you, as often as you wish. You will need an internet connection to access, but you can then view at home, at work, on the train, in a coffee shop, etc.. Anywhere your online.

Peer understanding

Use to improve peer understanding. Why not use in a class-room setting? Maybe you want to talk about measuring the capability of a process with your peers. Project the applicable section onto a projector or screen, step through and discuss with your peers.

Simplicity, ease of use

The information is provided in a logical, easy to understand, visual format, which is designed to enhance the learning experience.

Option for re-learning

 Some products (e.g. Medical Device Validation) extend to over 800 pages of information. You can decide to review some of the information now, then at a later date return to review other sections. Use to continually refresh your personal knowledge. As detailed previously, the presentations are continually updated. You will always have the most up to date version available to you.


You pay a low once off price. The price is detailed up front in advance of purchase.

Remain up to date

Maintain your knowledge of best practices and current regulations.

Information and training products designed to your unique requirements

At PresentationEze © we design informational products to suit particular requirements. Just contact us with any specific requests you may have.


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