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The concepts of “Lean” and “Just-In-Time”.


The tools and techniques of Lean & JIT:

– Basic working practices
– Total Productive Maintenance
– Design for manufacture
– Set-up reduction
– Operations focus
– Total staff involvement
– Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
– Visual management
– Flow layout
– Just-In-Time Supply

– Pull scheduling & Push systems of control
– Kanban control
– 5S method of control
– Levelled scheduling
– Campaign management
– Mixed modelling
– Synchronization
– Drumbeat Control


Capacity Utilization & Efficiency.

– Optimization via Capacity Analysis
– Cycle Time Analysis and Reduction
– Capacity Utilization


Approaches to implementing Lean & JIT.



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OEE Overall Equipment Effectiveness

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Cycle Time Analysis

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Kanban Processes

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Total Productive Maintenance

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Visual Management

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Pull Systems – Process Improvement

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