“SPC & Statistical Process Improvement”.

Process Control Charts | Process Capability | R&R Analysis | Process Variation Reduction | Manufacturing Process Improvement, … etc. … etc. …


500 page On-line Information & Training Document.


“Explains statistical methods in a clear manner”. … (J. Anatol. Process Improvement Engineer. Siemens A.G.).
“Easy to use” … (B. Stoke. Quality Assurance. JDR Cable Systems).

Statistical techniques for understanding and improving product & process performance.

      • SPC & the widely applied Statistical Improvement Techniques.
      • 500 pages of information & training.
      • Enhance your personal understanding.
      • Use to support the training of your work peers.
      • Access online, when and where suits, via your desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile. 

“SPC & Statistical Process Improvement” explains:


– Statistical Process Control for Process Analysis & Understanding.
– Process Capability Analysis, Cp, Cpk, Cpm, Capability Ratio, Pp, Ppk, for improving process performance.
– The “Pre-Control” Process as an alternative to SPC.
– “Short-Run” / “Low Volume” Statistical Methods for improving process performance for low process volumes.
– Measurement Systems Analysis – Gage/Gauge R&R, for ensuring test equipment is “fit for purpose”.
– Control Charts for Process Improvement:

• Variable control charts.
• Attribute charts.
• Pareto Charts.
• X-Bar / Range Charts.
• X-Bar / Sigma Charts.
• Individual-X Charts (X-Charts).
• Histograms / Process Capability Analysis.
• Scatter Diagrams.
• Exponentially Weighted Moving Average (EWMA) Chart.
• CuSum Chart.
• Moving Average / Range Chart.
• Moving Average / Sigma Chart.
• Multivariate Chart.
• p, np, c, and u charts.


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SPC Training

SPC Information & Training

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SPC Information & Training

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