Based in Cork, Ireland, we are a team dedicated to breaking down the walls of confusion surrounding product and process regulation, methods for achieving continual improvement in your processes, and the techniques for delivering organizational success. 

For example, in the medical device industry, regulations such as the US FDA QSR’s and the European MDR’s were not designed to be overly onerous. They just seem daunting, but when clearly explained, become much more manageable and logical. 


Similarly, applying statistical analysis to understand process behavior can seem beyond the capability of many, yet that need not be the case. Statistics can be simple or complex as appropriate to the situation, but even the most basic statistical analysis can yield invaluable information.


The “Mission” of PresentationEze, is to facilitate access to the most up to date information on methods for Product & Process improvement and Regulatory Compliance in a convenient, visually friendly, easy to understand format.


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